Drownings Can Be Quick and Quiet

June 10, 2011

Over 26 years ago when I was at the pool with my children and my daughter disappeared for only seconds was the day my life changed forever. When I couldn’t find her we realized she had SILENTLY slipped under water as she walked down the steps. There was never a sound or a splash. That’s why they call drowning the ‘SILENT KILLER”.

These drownings that are occurring on a daily basis are preventable if parents take note of the proper layers of protection needed. Supervision is the most important layer. Swimming lessons for children are a must. Install alarms on all exits of the house that beep if  opened.   The first place to look when a child is missing is the POOLLearn CPR.  Make sure a proper drain covers are in your pool. Know how to turn your pool pump off in case of an emergency. Barriers around the pool like a fence should be closed and locked at all times. Keep a cordless phone outside for emergency use only. Do NOT spend time talking on the phone while supervising children in the pool. If you must leave the pool area for any reason take your kids out of the pool and bring them with you closing the gate behind you.

These are all common sense layers of protection but are the ones most ignored. DROWNINGS ARE PREVENTABLE.  Once your child is crawling they need to know how to swim. If they learn at a young age when the fear has not yet set in they adapt so much better.  We have learned over the past 35 years in this business that the children we teach are only limited by what their parents think they can’t do. They can do anything when taught properly. When we teach our unique 5 day water survival program we always have the kids say “I can do it”. Once they say it they believe it. Parents please pay close attention to swimming season and make sure you follow all the necessary layers of protection.


  • Arizona Childproofers says:

    Thank you for the great pool safety tips! Many parents can overlook some of the proper layers of protection needed for pool safety. If you would like more information on child safety please contact Arizona Childproofers at http://www.azchildproofers.com or call (888) 753-SAFE. Looking forward to more of your posts!

    • admin says:

      I just checked out your website. Great information. Maybe we can network more since we both have the same audience and we would be happy to promote your safety prodcuts. Please call my office 888-SWIM-KID and I will get back to you when I get a moment Thanks for the post and look forward to speaking soon. have a water safe day.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the helpful website you furnished. Will most certainly take a look. Parents always think it can never happen to them. Sadly, those are the ones where we see the drownings. The reason we produced a DVD was for awareness.
      Hopefully if it saved one life it was well worth it. Have a water safe day..

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